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This study unveils the possibility of a pear-based formula for reparatory care.

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Pears contain abundant polyphenols and triterpenoids in their fruit and skin, which confer antoxidative and anti-inflammatory effects on the prevention of chronic diseases. Pears have been used in several traditional remedies for reliving respiratory syndromes and constipation for over years in China.

However, the use of pears for daily care is not easily accessible for most people. A pear-based sachet is a convenient approach to the beneficial ingredients of pears.

In short, pear-based formula might provide the comprehensive respiratory care as evidenced by improvement in the wound healing efficiency of lung cells, the phagocytic activity of macrophages, down-regulation of the expression of respiratory disease-associated genes, and up-regulation the expression of DNA mismatch repair genes in cellular models. Pears Pyrus spp. In China, pears have been utilized in the traditional herbal remedies as relieving agents for cough, constipation, or alcoholism for over years 2.

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In addition to vitamins, polyphenols and triterpenoids in pears have also been identified as superior anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory agents 5. In particular, chlorogenic acid and arbutin are the two major polyphenolic compounds in pears 6.

Polyphenols, secondary plant metabolites, act as powerful reducing agents for scavenging free radicals, so that it is believed that they are beneficial for disease prevention e. Notably, chlorogenic acid is the most abundant polyphenolic compound in the skin of some pears 8. Chlorogenic acid is able to inhibit the expression of several inflammatory proteins e.

Arbutin can suppress melanogenes through the down-regulation of tyrosinase expression in melanocytes Aside from polyphenols, triterpenoids e.

Air pollutants primarily stem from industrial sources, automobile traffic, natural disasters e. Alveolar macrophages AMs and airway epithelial cells in human body provide the fundamental protection from air pollutants AMs remove the air particles in the lung by phagocytosis and secret proinflammatory cytokines e. Human bronchial epithelial cells HBECsbuilding a compact tissue barrier, block air pollutants on the tissue surface and dispose of them by mucociliary clearance in the low respiratory tract In addition, HBECs may also produce proinflammatory cytokines e.

In this study, we attempted to explore a pear-based formula, called Lung Care, for possible respiratory care. The use of snow pears in this formula is from Lishan Taiwan. The formula can be made into a sachet form, which is handy for most people to consume the beneficial components of pears.This website uses cookies to deliver some of our products and services as well as for analytics and to provide you a more personalized experience.

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It is the first time that we experimentally demonstrated the reduction of timing jitter by properly increasing laser cavity loss.

The lowest timing jitter is achieved when the cavity loss is optimized. Theoretical analysis is in agreement with the experimental observations on the effect of cavity loss for the reduction of timing jitter.

Jieh-Haur Chen

Kelleher, A. Chernov, and E. Obraztsova Opt. Express 20 28 Dmitry V. Khudyakov, Anatoly S. Lobach, and Viktor A. Nadtochenko Opt. Jonathan A. Cox, Amir H. Nejadmalayeri, Jungwon Kim, and Franz X.These metrics are regularly updated to reflect usage leading up to the last few days.

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Clicking on the donut icon will load a page at altmetric. Find more information on the Altmetric Attention Score and how the score is calculated. An ultrasensitive phototransistor was fabricated based on K-intercalated MoO 3 single nanowire. Devices with ultrafast photoresponse rate, high responsivity, and broad spectral response range were demonstrated. Detailed analysis of the charge transport in the device revealed the coexistence of both thermal-activation and photoactivation mechanisms.

Spectrum of light source, typical I DS — V DS curve and photoresponse of another representative device, long time trace of photoresponse and photoresponse under different wavelength light. The American Chemical Society holds a copyright ownership interest in any copyrightable Supporting Information. Files available from the ACS website may be downloaded for personal use only. Users are not otherwise permitted to reproduce, republish, redistribute, or sell any Supporting Information from the ACS website, either in whole or in part, in either machine-readable form or any other form without permission from the American Chemical Society.

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jia-haur chen

Article Views Altmetric. Citations Supporting Information. Cited By. This article is cited by 29 publications. DOI: Effective date : A real time dynamic meter for measuring input impedance and power of an RF plasma is provided.

The meter comprises a hardware portion and a software portion. The hardware portion comprises voltage and current detectors and a signal processing unit. The software portion comprises a signal retrieving and analyzing unit.

The meter can analyze the relationship between the inputted power of the plasma and the density of the plasma, and can measure ion current of the RF bias inputted power and analyze plasma etching phenomenon, thus the yield rate can be improved. In addition, the meter can also be applied to monitor instability of the RF plasma.

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The occurrence and amount of the instability can be detected timely, therefore, physical and chemical mechanisms for detecting instability characteristics can be provided. Field of the Invention [].


The present invention relates to a dynamic impedance meter, and more particularly, to a real-time dynamic impedance meter of radio frequency RF plasma.

Description of the Prior Art []. RF plasma has been applied widely in physical vapor deposition, plasma-aided chemical vapor deposition, plasma etching technology, etc.

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Because the pulse plasma source can reduce the damage caused by plasma, it is much used in recent years. However, when the pulse plasma source is applied in the manufacturing process, the traditional impedance meter only can measure stable power and impedance, and the dynamic range is limited to under 10 Hz.

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Therefore, when the pulse frequency is over 1 KHz, the changing characteristic of plasma with high-changeability cannot be obtained. In prior art, the function of the impedance meter is to measure stable power, i.

The disadvantage, of the conventional meter, in addition to unsuitable for the pulse plasma, is that the measured signals at the output terminal are directly processed as digital signals, so waves and spectrum of the voltage and current cannot be observed the wave and spectrum provide heating operation mode, i.

It is therefore an objective of the present invention to provide a dynamic real-time meter of input impedance and power of RF plasma to solve the above mentioned problems. The present invention provides an input power meter of pulse RF plasma. The pulse signals of the RF plasma can be any waves, such as square waves, sine waves, delta waves, or trapezoidal waves, the pulse frequency can be up to about 50 KHz, the duty cycle is between 0.

Besides, the meter is suitable for measuring RF bias power of wafer substrate. Furthermore, the meter also can analyze bias power of input voltages, currents, phases, and impedance of the plasma.

In short, the present invention provides a method for measuring time-varying RF power and bias power and monitoring associated processes. These objects and advantages of the present invention will no doubt become obvious to those of ordinary skill in the art after reviewing the following detailed description of the preferred embodiment that is illustrated in the various drawings. Because the conventional RF impedance meter is unsuitable to measure pulse plasma, and it is hard to observe waves and spectrum of the signals, therefore, the present invention focuses on the pulse plasma and instability measuring, the latter can observe waves and spectrum of signals, this helps analyzing capacitive mode E mode and inductive mode H mode.

The architecture, circuit, principle, software, measurement, and result of the present invention are described as follows. The impedance meter comprises a detector [] 24such as a current coil, coupled to a signal to be measured, such as a plasma source, for detecting voltage and current of the signal.

The impedance detector further comprises a peak detector coupled thereto, the peak detector comprises a peak current detector [] 30 and a peak voltage detector 31for measuring peak values of voltage and current signals of the input signal. The output terminals of the peak current detector and the peak voltage detector are elements 33 and 34 I, Vrespectively. Furthermore, to prevent RF signals from generating non-linear double-frequency signals and triple-frequency signals in plasma which cause errors in measurement, a filter [] 29such as a low-frequency filter, can be used to achieve the effect.

The impedance detector further comprises a phase processing circuit [] 32 coupled to the peak detector for measuring and shifting phases of voltage and current signals.

The phase processing circuit further comprises a power divider, a power attenuator, a phase detector, and a phase shifter. The output voltage detected by the phase processing circuit 32 can be converted to phases. The output terminal of the phase processing circuit 32 is element These metrics are regularly updated to reflect usage leading up to the last few days.

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Jieh-Haur Chen

The Altmetric Attention Score is a quantitative measure of the attention that a research article has received online. Clicking on the donut icon will load a page at altmetric. Find more information on the Altmetric Attention Score and how the score is calculated. In the few short years since the inception of single-junction perovskite solar cells, their efficiencies have skyrocketed. Perovskite absorbers have at least as much to offer tandem solar cells as they do for single-junction cells due in large part to their tunable band gaps.

However, modifying the perovskite band structure via halide substitution, the method that has been most effective at tuning band gaps, leads to instabilities in the material for some compositions. Here, we discuss the thermodynamic origin and consequences of light-induced phase segregation observed in mixed-halide perovskites. We propose that, as the phase segregation is rooted in halide migration and possibly affected by lattice strain, modifying the perovskite composition and lattice structure, increasing compositional uniformity, and reducing defect concentrations could significantly improve stability.

View Author Information. Article Views Altmetric. Citations Cited By. This article is cited by publications. Jeffrey T. DuBose, Prashant V.

Journal of the American Chemical Society11 DOI: Juvinch R. Vicente, Jixin Chen. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters11 5 Chemistry of Materials32 3 ACS Energy Letters5 1 Elizabeth M.

Tennyson, John M. Howard, Bart Roose, Joseph L. Garrett, Jeremy N. Munday, Antonio Abate, Marina S. Chemistry of Materials31 21 ACS Energy Letters4 11 Stranks, Tom J.Lotus leaf, Chinese hawthorn, cinnamon, ginger, and red pepper possess noticeable anti-inflammatory, hypolipidemic, and anti-obesity effects in traditional Chinese medicine.

Their availability for anti-obesity has been well investigated in the past studies, but the synergistic effect of these components on inhibition of adipogesis of adipocytes and hepatocytes and improvement in lipid metabolism are elusive. The objective of this in-vitro study is to investigate the efficacies of the combination of these ferments called lotus leaf ferment regarding anti-obesity and reduction of lipid accumulation in adipocytes and hepatocytes. O Red O staining assay and gene analysis were introduced into the study.

Optics Letters

In summary, the lotus leaf ferment can improve the lipid reduction and the expression of the lipolysis- adipogenesis-related genes in adipocytes and hepatocytes. Although the results unveil the early evidences for the efficacy of the lotus leaf ferment, we believe that the combination of herbs lotus, Chinese hawthorn, cinnamon, ginger, and red pepper ferments has potential to improve metabolic disorders and manage weight in humans. Obesity is the leading cause to disability and several non-communicable diseases NCDssuch as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, and cancers 4.

The dilemma can be managed with minimal effort by weight control and diet modification together with moderate exercise. However, the self-disciplinary actions are difficult for general people. In clinical practice, physicians may treat patients with severe obesity with anti-obesity drugs, but these drugs are often accompanied by some adverse effects e. Considering the notorious side effects, some researchers have recently focused on the development of harmless herbal remedies for anti-obesity, such as ingredients extracted from turmeric, green tea, or chili pepper 6.

Moreover, the approach has also been used in the development of nutraceutical supplements with respect to weight loss or improvement of fat metabolism 7. This work demonstrates an herbal-based formula mainly composed of the ferments of lotus leaf, Chinese hawthorn, cinnamon, ginger, and red pepper for improvement in lipid metabolism. Lotus Nelumbo nucifera is a commonly used plant in Asian regions; lotus leaf and seed can provide the benefits of anti-inflammatory, hypolipidemic, anti-diabetic, and anti-obesity effects given that the bioactive compounds of louts enable the suppression of carbohydrate and fat adsorption, along with enhancement of lipid degradation and energy depletion Nelumbo nucifera seed ethanol extract in human preadipocytes and rats fed a high-fat diet.

Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture Journal of Ethnopharmacology The American Journal of Chinese Medicine Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences Moreover, cinnamon, ginger, and red pepper, the well-known folk food ingredients, has potential to ameliorate lipid metabolism. As demonstrated by in-vitro and animal models, their extracts can reduce the occurrence of adipogenesis, enhance insulin resistance and lipolysis, and improve thermogenic efficiency et al.

Scientific Reports Phytotherapy Research Accordingly, these herbs are potent materials for the development of efficacious anti-obesity supplements.

jia-haur chen

We take advantage of the combined ferments to investigate their synergistic effect on lipid metabolism in this study. Afterwards, the OP9 cells and HepG2 cells were treated with different concentrations of lotus leaf ferment followed by days and 24 hours incubation, respectively. Afterwards, the cells were treated with lotus leaf ferment solutions, and incubated for another days.

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After sample treatment, OA solutions were added into the cells to induce the lipid formation. Afterwards, the cells were stained with Oil red O staining reagent followed by the cell fixation procedure.

The mRNA expression analysis was completed by the nCounter platform. In this study, we employed OP9 and HepG2 cells as research models to investigate the synergistic effect of the lotus leaf ferment on lipid metabolism. OP9 cells, a type of embryonic stem cells, are indentified as a reliable and efficient cell line to study adipocyte differentiation Figure 1 shows the cell viability results of OP9 cell after treatment with different concentrations of lotus leaf ferment solutions.

The cell viability trend was inversely correlated with the increasing level of lotus leaf ferment.This research unveils the possibility of a salmon sperm formula, called DNA drink, for anti-aging and anti-oxidation.

The applications of salmon sperm have been rarely reported in scientific investigations if compared with salmon roe, but salmon sperm also contains copious nucleotides. These results suggest the potential of salmon sperm for boosting cell vitality and protecting cells from oxidative damage.

jia-haur chen

Human ambition for longevity continues to advance the development of modern technologies, and human life expectancy will extend with technological progress.

Aging is the consequence of physiopathological and progressive deterioration with the passage of time and the damages from chronic oxidative stress will hasten the aging process due, in part, to the impact on the regulatory systems e.

Oxidative stress is associated with the internal and external stressors e. Oxidative stress results from the imbalance of the formation and neutralization of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species RONSwhich leads to the accumulation of oxidative damage to macromolecules i. Clinical Interventions in Aging Superoxide anion may further interact with nitric oxide NOand reactive nitrogen species RNS resulting 7.

Nrf2-Keap1 pathway is the main protective system against oxidative stress and electrophiles, but abnormal Nrf2 regulation may facilitate the progression of inflammation and, in turn, cancer formation Aging and Disease Accordingly, certain ROS expression is correlated with aging, inflammatory response, and the occurrence of chronic diseases. Nucleotides involve rudimentary biological functions regarding encoding and deciphering genetic information, modulating metabolism and cell signaling, and as cofactors within enzyme reactions Based on the results of animal studies, dietary nucleotide supplements have been proved to prolong lifespan in tumor-bearing rats by means of long-term nucleotide feeding Apart from pure nucleotides, fish roe egg may be an alternative route to nucleotide sources et al.

Rejuvenation Research These evidences imply that dietary nucleotide supplements have the potential to ameliorate the skin conditions and delay the aging process To the best of our knowledge, few research groups unveil the salmon sperm as a nucleotide alternative substitution with respect to the utility in anti-aging or anti-inflammation.

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We discovered that DNA drink could substantially enhance these gene expression levels and lower ROS levels, which reveals the hope to extend cell lifespan. Following 24 hours incubation, we replaced the media with the refresh media, the media with 0.

Afterwards, we removed the solutions and washed the cells with PBS solutions twice. Finally, we collected the cells from wells by use of trypsin and loaded the suspending cells into a cytometry excitation wavelengths: nm; emission wavelengths: nm. The operation was following the nCounter protocol. To evaluate the efficacy of the DNA drink for ant-oxidation, following the treatments of 0. We used 0. This result corresponds with the ROS elimination result Figure 1 and verifies the antioxidant capacity in salmon sperm.

Furthermore, we analyzed the mRNA expression levels for some aging-related genes. Chaperonin containing TCP1 CCP family chaperonins participate in correct protein folding and their high expression levels represent vigorous cell proliferation Autophagy-related proteins Atg are associated with the regulation of autophagic process to remove damaged and unnecessary molecules or components in cells by lysosomal degradation, which remains the stable cell functions, structures, and viability Sirtuin 1 SIRT 1 can deacetylate various cellular proteins and is essential to the control of cell aging, oxidative stress, inflammatory responses, etc.

Therefore, salmon sperm indeed can improve cell vitality and the functionalities of the depletion of cell metabolites as well as prevent cells from oxidative damage.


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